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We optimize your production processes

ISR is able to supply accessories, spare parts and a series of services to allow you to optimize your production processes.
  • System for induction hardening of motor shafts with automatic feeding system
  • Automatic double spindle vertical system for shaft tempering

  • Automatic system for tempering and tempering racks

  • Large Scale Bivalent counter

  • Small/Medium Scale Bivalent counter

  • Multi-function induction hardening plant

  • Bench for continuous hardening of shafts

  • Bench for differentiated hardening of shafts

  • 4 station rotary table

  • MD rotary table with 4 positions dividing spindle

  • PM rotary table with multiple sockets

  • Rotating table for induction hardening with multiple sockets

  • Rotating table with 4 positions for crowns

  • Semi-axes tempering plant

  • Induction system for rings and bushings

  • Vertical system for medium / large dimensions

  • Vertical system with 3 controlled axes

  • Vertical double spindle system

  • Vertical hardening plant

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The search for customized solutions has allowed the ISR to obtain on the market a recognition of professionalism and availability to its customers.


The induction hardening foresees the heating of ferrous metal parts at temperatures which can transform the “block” of the structure so it can be reshaped then cooled.


The desire to present itself in the automation sector stems from the constant research to guarantee the customer a completeness in the service offered, able to cover the different needs expressed by it.